Efficient management of the valuation of vehicles on the stock is a key element for the effective sale of used vehicles, increasing turnover and profitability. Products Eurotax can help by offering valuation, as well as compare prices to the competitors and in a specific region of the country. It will keep a competitive position on the market with a minimum of effort and in a short time.

Our solutions for Dealers

  • VINcheck module

    Service for decoding of VIN numbers.

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    VINcheck module image
  • Trailers and Semitrailers guide book

    Quotations of the used trailers, semitrailers and tanks.

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    Trailers and Semitrailers guide book image
  • Carwert application

    Application to evaluation of the used vehicles and calculation cost of damage.

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  • MarketRadar module

    Analysis of the asking prices from internet portals.

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    MarketRadar module image
  • On-line vehicles evaluation

    Fast and easy way to evaluate used vehicle.

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  • Kalkulacja PRO

    Calculating costs of repair.

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  • Calculation on-line

    Fast and easy damage calculation system.

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