Manufacturers & Importers

Access to accurate and comprehensive information concerning the identification, valuation and estimation of residual values ​​is the basis for the management of the vehicle throughout its life cycle. Eurotax offers tools that will help this process. They may act independently or be integrated with the customer's systems and be provided as a database or ready-made solutions. Available data are widely accepted in the market and based on reliable source.

Our solutions for Manufacturers & Importers

  • Wycena PRO

    Application for vehicles evaluation and demage calculation.

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  • MarketRadar module

    Analysis of the asking prices from internet portals.

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  • Forecast application

    Tool for estimating values of the passenger cars and light commercial vehicles.

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    Forecast application image
  • TruckForecast

    Forecasting of heavy trucks.

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  • CarToMarket report

    Check out how to keep the value of the car after the launch.

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  • TCO report

    Independent report on the total cost of ownership of vehicles.

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  • Analysis of spare parts prices

    Independent comparison of prices of spare parts.

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  • Analysis of cost of repair

    Independent analysis of costs of repair.

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  • Identification and specification database (IDD)

    Eurotax vehicles database.

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  • Lead Driver service

    Acquiring new contacts and customer.

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