EurotaxAudyt system

EurotaxAudyt system

Verification service for pack of claim.

EurotaxAudyt is a service to control the content of the claim package. EurotaxAudyt reads the contents of the documents in order, as well as the structure of the package the order (number of files, their type, name, etc.). Based on the read parameters and defined values ​​EurotaxAudyt verifies the correctness of the calculations (eg. cost of repairs, rates, discounts, authorizations), and returns the result of an audit by informing the user that the rules have been broken.

EurotaxAudyt is integrated with the PKS process but it can also more working as an independent service or integrated with any other communication system.

  • automation control cost estimates and other calculations
  • increase the efficiency of manual verification of cost estimates and other calculations
  • reduction of operating costs in the process of handling of claims
  • the ability to control all aspects of the calculations and any configuration tested rules depending on the parameters of the damage
  • reading printouts of various expert systems
  • creating customized statistical reports based on calculations submitted
  • works integrated with the customer or as a separated service
  • Internet access is required

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