Forecast Web

Forecast Web

On-line application for estimating values of the passenger cars and light commercial vehicles.

Forecast Web application allows to estimate of the future value of cars, off-roads and light commercial vehicles (up to 3.5 t GVW), depending on the contract time and mileage. The results can be presented as a percentage or fixed amount, ttrade-in or retail values. Thanks to the modular design can be adapted to individual needs.

  • product on-line that requires access to the Internet, accessible from anywhere without the need for installation and manual updates
  • program tested during over 10 years of operating in dozens of financial institutions and fleet companies
  • application can be adapted to individual needs because of modular construction
  • user-friendly interface
  • forecasting trad-in and retail values of passenger cars, off-roads and LCVs
  • neutral and independent source of data for audit purpose
  • high compatibility residual values to real results
  • maximum forecast period up to 60 months
  • the opportunity to introduce their own adjustments and modifications
  • import / export to csv files, edited in Excel
  • updated 12 times a year
  • available only with subscription

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