MarketRadar module

MarketRadar module

Analysis of the asking prices from internet portals.

The module presents information in a transparent manner on the current competitive offers available at leading online portals. This enables automatic analysis of asking prices, along with the suggestion of the right asking price. The module takes into consideration the similarity of offered cars and vehicle evaluated in Carwert application, narrows the region of the country to the area where the car will be sold (regional adjustment). MarketRadar is an indispensable tool for anyone trying to sell a car, both private individuals and proffesional traders.

  • time-saving integration with Carwert application
  • access to analytical data showing key information
  • support the decision-making process
  • market preview at your fingertips
  • the ability to track competitors' bids
  • extend the functionality of the Carwert application 
  • daily updated data (internet offers)
  • Internet access is required

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