Carwert application

Carwert application

Application for vehicles evaluation and demage calculation.

Carwert is an universal and modular application, so it can be adapted to individual needs. It enables vehicles evalution and demage calculation, depending on licence. The basic version offers retail values of the used passenger cars and off-roads (for last 24 years) and light commercial vehicles and motorcycles (for last 12 years).

  • modular construction of the application allows to adapt it to individual needs
  • easy interface
  • the ability to perform valuations on past data
  • sample images for easy vehicles identification
  • multiple search capabilities of vehicles in database

  • depending on the license, database includes quotations of passenger cars and off-roads for last 24 years and commercial vehicles, buses and motorcycles for last 12 years,
  • trade-in values available for selected vehicle types
  • updated 12 times a year
  • avaliable in annual subscription

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