On-line vehicles evaluation

On-line vehicles evaluation

Fast and easy way to evaluate used vehicle.

On-line evaluation is a simple way of making vehicles evaluations, without install software on your PC. Everything you need is access to the Internet. Using the application, you can perform the evaluation, print it or save, and update as often as needed. On-line evaluation is the ideal solution for anyone who does not need regular access to current market values​​, because it is not limited in time. One subscription allows you to evaluate used vehicles and make damage calculations in a ERE-online system. This eliminates the need to re-identify the car. Read more about ERE-online.

On-line evaluation system is designed for the fast vehicles evaluation. It offers most of the capabilities of the system Carwert, including valuation at historical databases and valuation up to 24 years ago (for passenger cars and off-roads) and up to 12 years ago (for other types of vehicles).

  • easy to use system
  • one subscription gives you access to vehicles evaluation and damage calculation (ERE-online)
  • full database covering cars, off-road, vans, trucks, motorcycles and buses
    valuation to 24 years ago (passenger cars and off-road) and 12 years back (the other types of vehicles
    allows to see the system before subscribing
  • access to historical data
  • demo-car
  • the ability to log multiple users at the same time on one account
  • available only with subscription (minimum of 4 valuations / 2 calculations)
  • evaluations saved in pdf-file format

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